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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Temple of the Burning Sands

Arthur Adventurson here again folks! I am continuing my on my quest to find the 3 relics MercuCorp is searching for. I have just reported in to the person I was told to speak with.

I have to find turquoise for these guys? Thinking it is going to take forever to search every square foot of egypt, I remember if I just look at my map, I will be able to find this stuff in no time!

This is the map tag that will show in Map View telling you where to find turquoise. [I am sorry its so small, fuzzy, and dark, but I got this image using print screen since I can't use the game's camera tool to capture map tags, and I have to minimize the sims to paste the picture into Paint, and when I maximize the game again the screen is darker :( ] Just click near the tag and it will zoom in close enough so you can click on it to collect. You will have to scan the entire map to find all 4 pieces because they will be scattered everywhere. Sometimes not all 4 will appear at the same time and you will have to wait a few sim hours, or even overnight for new ones to spawn. I have also read you may get lucky enough to just buy these from the relic merchant, but how unadventurous is that?

So here I am collecting some turquoise. On a side note: Keep all gems and metals in your inventory all the time. This is because when you will get missions like this where you have to collect an amount of something and then return to this person, you may not have to go search for anything at all because you will already have enough of it in your inventory. Nifty huh? After I collected all 4 pieces, I delivered them to the person who wanted them.

So now I have to ask 3 locals their opinion on MercuCorp. Piece-o-cake!

You will need to chat with the people for a little while before they will let you question them about MercuCorp. You don't have to befriend them, just raise your relationship a little bit. Once you have gotten the information you need, report in to the boss.

Here I am running to tell my boss what I have learned. Even though I have a scooter, I insist on running everywhere I need to be. It's good for my buns and thighs you know.

All Right! I finally get to see the inside of a real pyramid! I wonder how anything grows in a tomb that has been locked for thousands of years? But I wont question it... at least not today.

Hello? Anybody going to let me in?

Hmm spooky. The door just sunk into the ground. Guess I'll put that key that guy gave me into this mysteriously glowing key hole.
[I am sorry about not getting a better picture of the entrance. Pay no attention to all the extra rooms at the end of the hall for now, Ill come back to show you these secret rooms at the end]

[I am also sorry I forgot to get an overview shot of this room. If you don't recognize it, its basically two square rooms, each with a diving well in it, connected by a narrow hall.]
The key unlocks the door, and it opens to this room. I explored the dive pool, but nothing of importance was found. It is difficult to see, but there is a floor trap in the narrow hall. It is also difficult to select it sometimes. You have to put your cursor directly over one of the holes to select it.
I disarmed the trap. If you cannot disarm the trap, jump into the dive pool and get soaked. Having wet clothes keeps you from getting burned in fire traps. Instruct your sim to "attempt to cross".

If you do disarm a trap, it will look like something has filled the holes.

Once you cross the trap, you will notice a pile of rubble in the corner. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS clear rubble when you see it. Most of the time it will only uncover coins or treasure, but other times it uncovers doors, wall switches, and treasure chests you need to open in order to finish the tomb. Collect what was hidden under the rubble.

Now explore the second dive pool.

It will activate a switch that unlocks the door.

Now stand on the floor switch, and this will open a secret door which will take you back to the first dive pool. Its a bit pointless really. It just saves you time if you ever need to come back to this tomb.
When you go down the stairs there are 3 bushes with flame fruit on them. More likely than not, there will not be enough to gather to satisfy what the merchant asked for. However, when I was making my sim do this, there were actually enough growing on these plants to satisfy the demands. BUT, in the event there are not enough when you do this, I decided to continue through the tomb to show you where the rest of them are. Aren't I nice?

Now you are probably saying, Mr. Adventureson how am I supposed to continue now? there are statues AND a fire trap in my way! Good news, young grasshopper, pushing a statue over ANY floor trap will disarm it. Yay!

And I push another statue over this trap...

I notice some rubble over here, so I go clear that and collect the stuff.

There is also a floor switch at the end of this corridor. When activated it unlocks another pointless hidden door, which is just there to save you time if you ever need to come back.

Now go explore the dive pool. When it asks if you want to go through the tunnel, say yes. Whenever ANY dive pool asks if you want to go through a tunnel say yes. Duh.

Well doesn't this look unpleasant? You will note that when the floor switch is stood on, it activates a second one to appear. But when stepped off of, the second one disappears. So you think, well I'll just move this statue onto that first one then and then I'll stand on the second. Foiled again! A third switch appears! So now you think, well I'll just move one of these other statues in the room onto the second switch. Alas, the only other statue that can move is the one behind the flames! Oh no!

Ah, but you have already learned that pushing a statue onto a trap disarms it! I see the light bulb now!
Now its just a matter of moving the statues around so they rest on the two switches.

Now I can stand on the third switch. Ta-dah! The door is unlocked now.

Look! More flame fruit! Huzzah! Now you have enough to fulfill the request! Open the chest next to the door, and then you can leave.

Go up the stairs, and through the hall. There is a pile of rubble for you to clear too.

Activate the floor switch to open the secret door. BUT WAIT! There are more secrets to be discovered! Go back to the room with all the flame fruit bushes...

To the left there is a spot on the wall that is a different color. It's a secret door! Go open it!

Oh no! A hidden floor trap! Let your sim run around like crazy while they are trying to put themselves out. Ive never had a sim die of being caught on fire by a trap, but they will pass out depending on their traits and mood. If your sim has a shower in a can, they can use that to put themselves out.

Now attempt to disarm it if you want, but you can direct your sim to walk around it.

Now clear the rubble and collect anything they were hiding. One of the piles was hiding a door. You cannot clear the giant boulder yet. If you inspect it, the game will tell you why.

Go open the chest and collect what is inside of it.

Now on the right side of the main room, there is another secret door. Inspect the wall to open it.

Another hidden trap! But this is something new, its a wall trap.

Disarm it the same way you would a floor trap.

There is a wall switch here. After examining it it will switch off the wall trap.

Explore the dive well, and say yes to the tunnel question.

Pay no mind to the wall traps in this room. Your sim has brains enough to walk around them. Stand on the floor switch.

This will unlock the door. Go inside and collect what is in the chest. This will activate a second floor switch.

Stand on the second floor switch. This will make a third one appear.

The third switch will unlock the door. When you go through the door it will give you a message saying you have fully explored the tomb.

Continue up the stairs to stand on the floor switch that opens the secret door. BUT WAIT AGAIN! There is still more to explore! Remember the extra rooms at the end of the hall I told you I'd tell you about...

Well here they are! Look inside both of the sarcophagi. In one there is a keystone.

Now clear the piles of rubble and collect what they are hiding.

The one in the corner is hiding a wall switch. I think you should examine it.

The other is hiding a floor switch. Stand on it to open a secret door. But it is one of those that doesn't work if you aren't standing on it. So pull and push the statue onto it.

Go inside the room it opens and collect the stuff from it.

The wall switch activated some stairs. In this room open the chest and take what is inside. If I remember correctly, there is a keystone in it.

Put the keystone in the slot to unlock the door.

Now you are in this room. Again you cant clear the boulder.

Go explore the dive pool because you know you want to.

The switch opens this secret door, which is completely and utterly pointless. You can see for yourself that you could have gotten to the door at the end of the hall without that secret door opening, so why it even exists is beyond me.
Anyway, continue through the door and open and collect the stuff from the chests.

Oh no! Opening this chest made a mummy come out! Wait, that isn't a bad thing, that's friggin AWESOME!
The mummy and I size each other up.
The mummy starts a brawl.
I lose. You will too unless you have a high martial arts and body skill.

If you are lucky, you will just be knocked out, but sometimes if the mummy feels up to it, he will curse you! If cursed you have 14 days to cure yourself before you die. Don't worry though. I will help you find a cure!... later though.

A secret door will be activated. [I apologize, I missed how this door is opened. I assume it is from opening all the chests] Go down the hall and up the stairs. You will get a message saying you have fully explored this tomb.

I delivered the flame fruit to the person who requested it. At some point during my adventures I managed to gain a level 1 visa. However, the game told me my vacation would be ending in 12 hours. Instead of starting on a new adventure I used my cell phone to go home early.


  1. You said you didn't understand why there was a secret door that opens, when you explore the dive pool, in the room next to the one with the mummy. It's because the hallway has a trap in it, so using the dive pool lets you avoid that trap.

  2. I don't know why anyone would want to take the time out to explain every adventure, but I'm so glad you did! You're website has helped me out so much!!! I bookmarked it as soon as I found it, keep up the good work!! Thanks!!!!

  3. When I got to the mummy I just opened the rest of the chests and walked right past him. He totally ignored me -_-

  4. For some reason I just thouht this pyramid is way to big to only have these rooms in it. Well, your walkthrough made sure I'd got every thing correctly. Thanks!

  5. these pyramid (all of them) they're jsut a house with a secret room :D