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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ancient Monk Retreat

Mission: Find the sacred writings you saw in a vision underneath the Ancient Monk Retreat.

Stand on the floor switch to activate the stairs.

Examine the hole in the wall to unlock the hidden door. Collect the treasure from inside the chest.

Put the keystone in the slot to unlock the door.

Pull the statue away from the wall to reveal a hole in the wall. Examine the hole to activate 2 floor switches.

Move the statues onto the floor switches to unlock the door.

Go down the stairs.

Go down the hall and through the door.

Read the plaques on the wall. They give you hints about the rooms you are about to go in to.

The hint for this room was to keep out of the dark. That's because the dark floor tiles are all traps!

If your sim steps on one, they may have to put themselves out by jumping into the dive pool.

Push the statue onto the floor switch to unlock the door.

You found the sacred writings! You can deliver them, or continue exploring. The dive pool will bring you back to the one by the stairs.

The hint for this room is "timing is everything". As soon as the trap shuts off, click attempt to cross.

Open the chest and take the treasure.

The hint for this room is "a logical mind can solve anything." Or something like that. You have to activate the wall switches in a certain order to shut the traps off.

Some you have to examine twice...

Now this tomb is done :] Go deliver the ancient writings.


  1. There's a hidden door left out of the description. In the hallway with the traps on the walls, it's at the beginning of the second dead end. This opens up the treasure room with the Tomb Symbol statue for your collection.

  2. Thanks mightymushroom! I was going nuts looking for what I'd missed! I thought I checked that wall, but not well enough it seems!

    Great blog Arthur A.

  3. Ahhh finally, mightymushroom saves the day! That was driving me mad!

    Thank you!