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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bribing the Henchmen

::note from moi:: I figured out how to make the mission screen shots bigger so you can read them with ease! Huzzah!... But not until halfway through the mission, so most of them are still smallish. sorry :( ::end note::

Alright, I left off at the Ancient library. I was on my way to deliver the book...

Ok, so go talk to the merchant. You will have to improve your relationship with him/her if you aren't already friendly.

If you did like I told you at the beginning, you should have copper coming out your ears by now, so you shouldn't even need to go looking for any. However, if you do not have enough use the map tags to find some.

Ah yes. The merchant thanks us by handing over our first relic. Huzzah! Now deliver it back to your boss.

Oh no! The dreaded Mummitonium adventure... The game is nice enough to show you ONE map tag as soon as you get this mission. If you are pulling your hair out trying to find the second piece, refer to one of my previous blogs on finding the second piece HERE.

Here I am digging in garbage trying to find another piece of mummitomium...

Once you find 2 pieces, talk to your boss.

Isn't this larger one so much nicer?! :] WooHoo go you! You found 2 pieces of mummitomium! Use the map tag to find the headquarters.

Visit the household and one of the residents will invite you inside.

Behind house there is a small building with a wood pile outside and some bicycles on the inside. There is a hole in the wall switch that activates the stairs.

Disarm the trap in the hall...

Walk into the next room...

Put the statue onto the floor switch, this activates a second floor switch to appear.

Put a statue on that one too. This will activate the stairs.

Disarm the floor trap. There is a hidden trap here too. After getting electrocuted, try to disarm it, if you cant, choose "attempt to cross".

Go through the door, and open all four chests. You will find a keystone in one. Put it into the slot by the door, this will make the hidden door open.

Stand on the floor switch to open the secret door.

Go down the stairs..

Stand on the floor switch...

Stand on this floor switch too.

We have found the chest! To put the mummitomium in it take what is in the chest out first, then click and drag the present looking icon from your inventory to the chest's inventory.

You will get this once you have put the mummitomium into the chest.

There are two other chests in this room also. Open them too. The main computer is through the door on the back wall, directly behind the last table in the left row of desks. Sorry I didn't get a picture of it.

Click the computer and choose "hack".


  1. Do you know how to make stairs and fences visible? I'm sure there's just a toggle somewhere that I'm missing, but in the mean time I can't get into Temple of the Dragon or the Headquarters.

  2. If your computer is older, or just barely meets the minimum requirements for the game, try running the game with the graphics set on low quality. Find these options by going to the game options. I'm sorry if it doesnt help. Im here mostly to answer questions about adventures, not technical questions.

  3. It just plain won't let me hack it. I'll click hack and the command just disappears.

  4. You can also find your 2nd Mummitonium piece up by the mine, past the pyramids and the oasis

  5. After I opened the chest I was forced to leave Egypt because my trip was over. When I went back the family that lived in that house moved and I cant get back into the house

  6. yes, the same thing happened to me...i had to leave my trip then when i go back i cant get back into the headquarters. now what??

  7. You should be abel to sneak in to the house if none lives there.

  8. It won't let me drag the package into the chest. :(

  9. I found the chest, but when I drag the package into the chest to put it on them the package comes back to my Sim inventory.
    Need I do something more?
    How can I open the chest inventory?

  10. With the new expansion "Ambitions", once you work as a detective, every time you have to ask an information to someone (wich requires a relationship), appears to you the actions: "HIT TO GET INFORMATION" and to bribe the person, and then you can choose the value...
    If you're not too patient to talk until become a friend, that's a very good option.

  11. i'm on the bit where i have to hack the computer, but i can't find it - the opportunity star is over a completely different house to the one with the hq, and i've tried doing the chest thing but i can only find two chests...?

  12. I cant't get the package into the chest either.

  13. the chest has vanished. I have followed the steps, but the chest never appeared.

  14. You don't just drag it to the chest. You click the open menu[it will show you what's inside the chest] then you click the item from your inventory and then that's when you drag the item to the chest [it means while the chest is still open, that's when you drag the item]. Hope this helps. It took me a while to realize this.

  15. I have tried everything I can think of to get that dang bribe into the chest and it just keeps popping back into my inventory. Help!

  16. I did that. I clicked the chest, took the item, then tried to put the present in. It just kept popping back into my inventory :(

  17. OK--I feel like a dork. You drag the present into the pop up window for the chest--NOT the chest itself. I got it. Thanks!

  18. I go down the stairs, then I'm stuck. the game won't let me go anywhere. Help!!

  19. I was able to buy the mummytomium at the market that sells the fossilized fruit, if that helps. it costs a bit though.

  20. What about the first door right when you first come down??

  21. Very helpful,thanks

  22. Hey,after this I got the opportunity to go to the Desert Ocean temple but declined it twice.Now it doesn't come up anymore