From Me:

I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Surviving Chateau du Landgraab

This is just showing you how to get through Chateau du Landgraab with the keystones you get from doing missions. For the Landgraab Cellar mission (the one that starts in China) go HERE.

Examine the hole behind the house to disarm the traps.

Go up the stairs.

Collect from the chest.

Stand on the floor switch to disarm the traps. Go back down the stairs.

Move the statue onto the dark spot to disarm the hidden trap.

Put the library keystone in the slot here.

Disarm the trap.

Go around the side of the house to put the Landgraab Ballroom Keystone in the slot.

Turn the stereo on to make the switches appear.

Put the statues onto the switches to disarm most of the traps in the house.

Continue to explore the house.

Go up the stairs to the second floor.

Stand on the floor switch in this room... unlocks this door.

Stand on the floor switch in this room...

It unlocks this door...

Continue to explore the 2nd floor.

Hidden door here.

I missed taking the picture of what is at the top of these stairs, but its just some treasure chests.

Keep exploring the 2nd floor.

Stand on the floor switch to disarm more traps in the house.

Go up the stairs on the second floor.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Nectar Cellar/Tomb of Isael/Tomb of Jean Necteaux

Mission: Help the local find an old bottle of nectar, then help him explore the new rooms you opened up.

Take the stairs to the lower level.

Explore a bit...

Hidden door here.

Another here.

Grab the treasure.

Head to this room.

Hidden door...

Hidden door...

Collect the treasure.

Put the keystone the local gave you here.

Ooo! Shiny box! Go open it!

Secret doors open...

Shiny hole! Go examine it! It is a riddle about three treasures. Take it back to the local to complete this mission. You will now have to take your sim to Egypt where the riddle can be deciphered. Before you go collect 5 Cerambryx beetles in France to take to the local in Egypt as an offering for his help. Once you are done in Egypt, travel back to France with the ruby you got, and speak to the local.


Mission: Take the ruby and put it into one of the three holes to unlock the Tomb of Isael so you can explore it.

Examine the hole and your sim will automatically put the ruby in it.

Get the keystone of the pedestal.

Hidden door here. The door that leads into the purpleish hallway is just a quicker way out of this tomb.

Put the keystone in the slot.

Down the stairs...

Lets go to the one on the right first.

Explore the dive pool.

Clear the rubble.

Push the statues out of the way.

Grab the treasure.

Push the statue onto the switch.

It unlocks a door downstairs.

Just a bathroom here if you need it.

Door on the left now... Examine the hole in the floor.

Gather the treasure.

Pull the statue out.

Push it over to the switch...

Examine the hole that appears.

Pull that same statue back out and move it to the other floor switch.

Stand on the floor switch that appears to open the hidden doors.

Put the heart keystones in the slots.

Clear the rubble.

Pull the statues out and onto the floor switches.

The switches unlock two hidden doors.

Collect the treasure.

Put anything on the pedestal to open the door. Arthur put a fish on it. :p

Collect the treasures.

You can't do much in the other room that was unlocked unless you already have 2 heart keystones in your inventory. But for those of you who do not, continue through the door the 2 statues were blocking.

Collect the treasures in the room.

Examine the hole.

Examine the wall. Go through the hidden door.

Hidden door in this room too.

Clear the rubble.

Collect the relic.

Collect the treasure.

Continue to this room... This room is such a pain... Here is how I moved the statues around so I could get to the keystone and the treasure.

Pull the statue off the floor switch to unlock the door.

Clear the rubble.

Collect the treasure.

Hidden door...

Collect the keystone.

Now go back to the room you unlocked earlier. Put the two keystones in the slots.

Push the statues onto the switches.

Go through the door.

Pull the statue onto the switch to deactivate the electric traps.

Pick up the treasures in the room.

Go up the stairs. You will have to disarm or attempt to cross one of the traps.

Collect the sapphire and the treasures from the chests. Return to the local to complete the mission.


Mission: After putting the sapphire into the hole, asking locals about the emerald, retrieving the emerald, and then putting the emerald into the hole, explore the tomb of Jean Nectaux to find the recipe. You may want to buy some mummy snacks, or improve your body and marital arts skill because there are quite a few mummies in this part of the mission.

Examine the holes and put the gems in them to make the keystone appear.

Put the keystone in the slot.

Pull the statue away from the wall.

Examine the hole.

Examine these holes for treasure.

Go down the stairs to this room.

There is a hidden door here.

Collect the treasure. Another hidden door here.

and another...

Collect the treasure.

Go up the stairs.

Put the statue over the floor switch to disarm the electric traps.

Your sim can walk around these traps. Go up the stairs.

Explore the dive pool.

Up the stairs...

and up...

Pull the statue off of the switch.

Grab the treasure. Examine the hole in the wall. It opens a hidden door.

Collect the treasures.

Clear the rubble.

Hidden door here.

Grab the keystone.

Push the statue back onto the floor switch.

Put the keystone in the slot to unlock the door.

Collect the treasures.

This is the ONLY switch you have to stand on. The one all the statues are pointing to...

It unlocks the door. But don't go through it yet. There is a room to the right with a hidden door we opened earlier.

Clear the rubble.

Collect the treasure.

Clear the rubble, collect the treasure, and look inside the sarcophagus.

Stand on the floor switch. Follow the blue lights to avoid traps.

Several minutes later...

Stand on the floor switch to disarm all the traps in the room.

Clear the rubble and collect the treasures in the room.

Go through this door.

Examine the wall.

Collect the treasures.

Go up the stairs in the room that had the blue lights. Pull the statue onto the floor switch to disarm the fire traps.

Go down the stairs the fire traps were guarding.

Clear the rubble.

Pull the statue away from the wall. Inspect the hole.

Go through the hidden door that opened.

Look inside the sarcophagi and collect the treasure. Watch out for mummies.

Get the recipe from the sarcophagus. It will disarm the traps.

After collecting the treasure in the room, go up the stairs.

Stand on the floor switch to open the door. Collect the relic from the chest. Report in to your boss.