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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Secret garden

I previously thought this was the mission everyone on the forums was calling the "mysterious noises" mission because the owner of the house complained of hearing noises from his basement. This was a mistake on my part, since I have now completed the mission that is actually telling me to find the source of the noises. I am sorry for any confusion this caused.

Mission: A local has just moved into a new house, and doesn't have time to explore the area under it. Explore the tomb under the house, and try to figure out what is making the strange noises.

Go down the stairs that lead to the basement.

Put the keystone in the slot.

Pull the statue away from the wall.

Examine the torch.

Put the statues onto the floor switches.

Examine the hole in the floor to open the hidden door.

Collect the treasure from the chest.

Go up the stairs.

Mourn the grave.

Stand on the floor switch to open the hidden door. Report your findings to the local.


  1. The "Mourn the grave" step is optional right?

  2. there is another adventure where the ghost talks to you when you mourn. then you have to take it's skeleton to secret grave under the secret garden. i just can't find the way there... :(

  3. you go through the house the same way you went in the first time...

  4. in the mission following this one you have to collect 4 pomenagrates.
    i would be grateful if you could tell me how u get pomenagrates

  5. I am also struggling with finding pomenagrates
    ... would love to know where they are or how I get them.

  6. Go the the Petit family house - it's amansion in france with a swimming pool in the backl. There is a pomegranite tree in front. It only puts out a few fruits a day, so it takes a few days to get enough pomegranites. Iw ould sugest grabbing a few extra to plant so you can always have them when needed. They seem to come up quite a bit. Sorry for typos - no times to proof-read...

  7. There are pomegranites in Egypt. It's just off the river, and looks like just a geen oblong garden, but up close it has Apple trees, grape vines, watermelons, plums and 2 Pomegranite trees. I had my Sim pick them she even purchased some from the store, but they will not show up to be deliverd even though they are showing in her inventory. The task says good quality, or exceptional quality, that might be why they are not showing. She has 7 and needs 3.

  8. i cant get into the house because "Lea is not home at the moment"
    it wont let me in, and shes never home. what do i do ?

  9. Give her a call and invite her to her own house??? I didn't know there was a pomegranite tree in France. I always went straight home and after 2 days going to Egypt. Thanks for the tip!

  10. You can't invite someone over to a residential lot you don't own. I'm having the same 'not at home' problem and I can't find any solution. I'm just shy of making her an investigator so that she can break into houses.

  11. I'm having the same problem. I can't get into the house because nobody's home. I call the person who owns the house and they always tell me that they're at work and don't know when they'll be home.

  12. I had some problems here...

    First, I was having the same problem ("I can't get into the house because nobody's home. I call the person who owns the house and they always tell me that they're at work and don't know when they'll be home." - Anonymous). So I moved my sim into the cellar (with "moveobjects on").

    And second, my sim was always teleporting to somewhere else. Every time she was doing some thing, she stops and goes away.

    It was very strange, so I canceled the misson.

    (Sorry if there are mistakes. English isn't my first language...)

  13. Boy, don't I feel silly. Thank you so much for this walkthrough. If it weren't for you, I would have used all 14 sim-days moving those darn statues around the floor! lol I couldn't find any traps, holes, or secret doors, I never thought to check the torches. Thank you, again, for your time & helpful effort.

  14. Thank's for an awesome guide!!! I have a problem with this particular quest; I can't find the sigil!! Anyone knows where it is or if it IS a sigil to this adventure?

  15. Anyone with a solution for the sim is not at home for the moment? I cant get through that!

  16. Form a group with the person who lives there. Then click on the sidewalk outside the lot and select go here with group. This worked for me. The guy went into his house.

  17. You seem to skip steps when creating these walkthroughs. Once I "mourned the grave" it told me to collect 6 pomegranets, but you make no mention of this. In the Museum basment adventure, you skipped the first two-four steps completely. It took me three tries and four walkthroughs (besides this one) to finish that one.