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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting Cursed

A simmer on my thread requested I do a post explaining how to get cursed. My response:

Sadly, Arthur has a very slim chance of ever being cursed again. His martial arts and body skill are so high, he will almost always defeat mummies. The higher your martial arts and body skills are, the smaller your chance of losing a fight with a mummy and getting cursed are.

However if your sim does not have these skills, there is an area in the sphinx that has 3 black pools and 1 purple one. Explore all the black ones, and each will awaken a mummy. Although losing a fight doesn't always mean you get cursed (Arthur has fought 2 mummies now and not gotten cursed), I have a feeling you have a good chance of becoming cursed in one of the fights you will have with these mummies.

Finally, if you cannot get cursed, this adventure is just this one mission. Completing it will not set off a chain of other adventures like some of the others do.

Hope that helps. :]

Update: I have been reading the forums, and my theory about having a high martial arts skill is relatively true. However, one or two simmers reported if you change your sims traits to something along the lines of coward, unlucky, loser, things like that, even a sim with a level 10 martial arts skill may sometimes lose a fight. Also reported by one simmer, her level 10 martial artist sim was very tired (her energy bar was in the red) when she fought a mummy, lost, and got cursed.

*credit goes to zoop526 and royalplumbob for these observations.*

*Walden95 has reported that his sim had a level 10 body and martial arts skill. He experimented and found his sim lost 5 out of 50 battles, and was only cursed once. This means that your sim has about 10% chance of losing, and only about a 2% chance of getting cursed. His sim also had full energy for each fight, and no negative traits.*

Furthermore, getting cursed will NOT turn you into a mummy. It WILL kill your sim in 14 days. To make your sim a mummy, you will have to collect fragments of the Sarcophagus of the Kings and then reconstruct it. You have a chance of building either a Blessed (which is gold), or a Cursed (which is black) sarcophagus. If you don't want to go around collecting fragments, you can use the cheat by pressing ctrl+shift+c and entering testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat box, then pressing ctrl+shift+c and then entering buydebug into the cheat box. Find it under the buy mode category with an icon that is a question mark. I believe it costs a whopping 1 dollar. Sleep in the cursed sarcophagus for 3 nights to become a mummy. However, other than never having to go to the bathroom or running out of energy, being a mummy isn't all that great from what I have read. They grunt all the time, and they are extremely slow walkers.


  1. I believe it's actually 'buydebug on'.

    And this is secondhand, but I think you only need to sleep in a sarcophagus for 24 hours?

    Sorry to correct you, because all the other information here is truly excellent.

  2. sleeping in the Blessed sarcophagus for 1 night will cure the curse, but you have to sleep in the Cursed sarcophagus 3 times to become a mummy.

  3. first you must type testingcheatsenabled true befor buydebug to access the idem in question and there is no "on" in the buydebug love Gwen

  4. THANK YOU! Great help

  5. OMG im in the sphinx and the mummies wont fight my sim.

  6. Maybe you have mummy snacks in your inventory, thats why the mummies wont attack you. It happens to me while doing Dong Huo

  7. Thanks for your help I completely forgot about those mummies in the sphinx. :)

  8. How to make sims become a mummy?I've tried to sleep in the cursed sarcophagus three times,but it didn't work.thanks.

  9. It's very helpful!!thanks :))

  10. Thank you so much for the tip on how to get sims cursed - I changed one of the traits to unlucky and it worked first time!

    Another way to undo the curse(according to the game - the icon for the curse mentions something about it) is to 'Plead to the Sphinx' - so go to it and when you click it you'll get the option. When I did it, my sim sort of meditated, then - if you scroll you so you can just about see the whole sphinx you'll see the eyes light up and a magical effect opening the main door, with the notification that 'the Sphinx has heard your plea, and grants you access in your dire state'. (I had to get rid of the unlucky trait - my sim was too scared to enter). You then need to go up the stairs to the soulpeace statue (the anubis light thing) and 'seek cleansing. Again the sim hovered in meditation before the statue, and after a little while there were a couple of bright flashes and magical sort of sparkeles went to the sim. I then recieved the notification ' ' "Sims Name" hears a soft voice in his head spoken by the soulpeace statue, "You have been cleansed of the Mummy's Curse, and have the blessing of the Sphinx upon you, which shall help protect you in your travels." ' - and the mummy's curse moodlet disappeared.

  11. Oh, and I gained a moodlet to last for 2 days called 'Blessing of the Sphinx' with +25 Mood.

  12. It may be a fluke, but when I got cursed in China, I went home, got a good night's sleep, and then meditated until I was able to Zenoport, and when I was done meditating (I didn't actually zenoport, just got to that state) I didn't have the mummy's curse any more.

  13. Hey, thank you for giving me credit! :) I'm RoyalPlumbob.

    Oh, and I thought you would want to know, Sims with the "Good" and "Evil" traits will almost always build a Blessed and Cursed sarcophagus respectively.

  14. Talking about ending curses, other way to do it is charming a snake, and kissing it. When my sim got cursed, he did it and ended the curse.
    Sleeping in the blessed sarcophagus is, as some say, another way, but it didn't work for me...

    About the becoming a mummy thing, if you sleep one time in the blessed sarcophagus, your appearence becomes normal, but you still walk as a mummy... my sim only became normal again when he slept there three times.

  15. I just got my Sim cursed. He is Leader of the Free World and Master of Martial Arts. I sent him into the top part of the Great Pyramid where I previously managed not to fight the mummy. Now I made my Sim very hungry, bursting for the loo,no hygiene, no fun and a small amount of energy so he wouldn't die. He got cursed immediately. Yeah......Now to get him uncursed.