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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Market Caves Part 1

Mission: A local has found a note that needs to be deciphered. After the merchant reads it for you, you find out the keystone you need is in the tomb under the market.

There is a hole in the ground behind the general merchant's store, it activates the stairs.

Look inside the sarcophagus and it will open the door. Then locate the hidden door on the far wall and collect the treasure in the room.

Mourn the graves to uncover a hole in the ground. Examine the hole.

Explore the dive pool to activate the hidden door.

go down the stairs...

Examine the hole in the floor to open the hidden door.

Collect the treasure, and continue down the hall.

Collect the coins. Go back the way you came.

Go through the door...

Collect the treasure. Continue down the hall.

Collect treasure when you see it.

Clear the rubble.

Explore the dive well.

Your sim will come out in this room, move the statue onto the floor switch. You can't see it yet, but it opened a hidden door.

Pull the statue out of the way.

Collect the treasures.

Clear the rubble.

Collect treasure.

Clear the rubble.

There is a water trap here. Disarm or attempt to cross it. Put the keystone in the socket.

Collect everything from the chests. You should now have the Dong Huo Keystone.

Mourn the graves to activate holes in the floor.

Examine the holes.


  1. Hello! I really like your walkthroughs, but I'm stuck on this quest and I'd love help if you have the time. I have the quest to "Find Key" "Deep Within the Forbidden City" and have gone through every part of the dungeon up to the last door that requires the crescent keystone... but I don't have the key that gets me into the last room with the chest containing Dong Huo's key.

  2. I was going through the same problem, but there were actually a few passages I had overlooked in the market tomb, one of the rooms takes you to a diving well, you explore it and swim thru the tunnel, the rest should be cake from there and you will eventually get to the crescent key'll know you're on the right track when you find the diving well, just look carefully for those other passages (they're not hidden doors, but they are easy to miss)

  3. I'm having trouble with the keystone. One sim collected the keystone, took it home with them. They are up to defeating Dong Huo but I never returned to China. Another one of my sims is on the same adventure, and I gave them the keystone instead, but the keystone wont work. Ive gone back over the entire tomb and cannot find another keystone. Anyone got any advice??

  4. I have another question for you. Where do you find the Symbol of the Market Caverns? Does anyone have some advice for me?

  5. Answer to Anonymous (and everyone else who wonders). I found it! There is a hidden door in the final room near the entrance door, and that's where you'll find the Symbol of the Market Caverns :)

  6. Thanks. Got the key and delivered it already. Now another quest to finish then after getting the max visa i will stop searching for the adventures. Thanks so much. You are really a big help. Hooray! ♥♥

  7. I did what you said and there was no key. Did I do something wrong?

  8. I got stuck trying to find the key. I had to check the sarcophagus TWICE. First time, I got pulled in and spun around. Once I checked your walkthrough and realized there was another room, I decided to try it again and it opened the door to continue the adventure past the first two rooms behind the shops.

  9. I did everything you said and still no key. Any suggestions?

  10. I found the crescent keystone. There is a small room that can be rached by inspecting a wall to find a hidden door. When you are at the steam trap, the room is next to it. You have to go around to get to the wall on the opposite side of that little hidden room, and you will have the "inspect" option. They key is on a pedestal inside that room. It's hard to explain without showing a pic of the room.