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I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs. I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. PLEASE stop asking me how to fix these issues with your game.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ancient Library

Arther Adventureson Here again! I am back in Egypt today and I got this mission:

I went and talked to this lady to find out what she knows.

Use map view to figure out which home you need to go to.

In my game nobody lived in the house, so I had to click the door and select "sneak in". If people are living in the house in your game, just click "visit ___ household" and you will be invited in.

In the center of the house is this room. Examine the hole in the floor to activate the stairs.

Stand on the floor switch to unlock the door.

Stand on this floor switch to unlock another door.

Maneuver the statue onto the floor switch.

Put the statue onto the floor switch to the RIGHT first.

It will unlock this door.

Now you can stand on the floor switch. It will unlock a door you cannot get to yet.

Now put the statue onto the floor switch on the left.

It will unlock the other door so you can get into this room now. The stairs will automatically activate when you enter the room.

Open and collect everything in the chests.

The door in the corner is the one the floor switch in the tiny room unlocked. Go in there to collect a few treasures. Then bring the book to the person who asked for it.


  1. thank you!!! great job!

  2. How Do You "Sneak In" ? It Doesn't Work For Me! :(

  3. I got the book and even read it but nothing happened, it still says to go get the book!!! help :(

  4. How Do You "Sneak In"??? Please reply!!

  5. where there mummies?

  6. there's no sneak in option on my game. the visit __household option is greyed out since the person who lives there is the relic merchant. so he never leaves his store. what will i do?

    1. Just ctrl shift c on the register and click objects-delete. Then, he'll leave, and then you can go into buy mode in the market by shift clicking on the ground, and replace the register. The merchant will be a new person and the original will still be in the game.

  7. How to stop the owner from work to open his home